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Initial consultations are 75mins.
Subsequent consultations are 30mins.

Initial consultations include a comprehensive questioning process so we can fully understand your women's health concerns. Where there are bladder, bowel and/or pelvic floor concerns an internal vaginal examination is offered for adult patients who provide informed consent. Our physiotherapists are experienced in both pelvic physiotherapy and musculoskeletal physiotherapy. We are able to coordinate your full treatment in a holistic manner for pelvic and musculoskeletal conditions or if you prefer we are also happy to treat your pelvic concerns and coordinate closely with your preferred musculoskeletal physiotherapist.

Post-natal return to exercise/running
Post-natal return to exercise consultation include a comprehensive individualised assessment inclusive of an internal pelvic examination for patients who provide informed consent, musculoskeletal conditions assessment and evaluation of rectus abdominus muscle separation. Based on above findings you will be provided with your current risk level in return to exercise and your individualised safe return to exercise program.


You can immediately claim your physiotherapy treatment using our online HICAPs system. 

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